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Acrylic Cream bottle Wonderful cut constantly
- Sep 01, 2017 -

The prestigious beauty event in the Asia-Pacific region-"The 17th annual Beauty exhibition in Asia Pacific region" was successfully concluded at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on November 16, 2012, and the International cosmetics Manufacturing magazine went to the Asia-Pacific Beauty Fair, the booth number is 5g-r6d. In the 3-day exhibition, fortunately, our magazine was highly recognized by the participants, the scene of the exhibition atmosphere active. Being able to get such an excellent opportunity to meet face-to-face with international customers is a great effort of the TOEFL in the Asia Pacific Beauty show organizers.

There is a general consensus in the industry that "Asia-Pacific Beauty Fair" in the Asia-Pacific region of the importance of the status of beauty and trade is not other exhibition comparable, has been leading the beauty industry fashion trend, enjoy a prestigious reputation. Previous Asia-Pacific beauty exhibitions have attracted a large number of outstanding manufacturers from all over the world to attend the exhibition. Whether it is the latest industry information, or domestic enterprises to enter the international arena, foreign enterprises to the mainland market to expand business opportunities, the Asia-Pacific beauty Show has played a pivotal role. "Asia-Pacific Beauty Exhibition" has experienced more than 10 years of market precipitation, its own strength, "International cosmetics manufacturing" magazine to the show is full of confidence, believe that through such an international platform, can make "International cosmetics manufacturing" road to go farther and more stable.

"International Cosmetics manufacturing" magazine in the development process always adhere to the industry's healthy development in the first place, and strive to purify the industry through their own efforts of some unhealthy atmosphere and irregularities. "International Cosmetics Manufacturing" executive editor Catherine Qiao often told us these small reporters: "Some enterprises sometimes exist in violation does not mean that they want to violate the law, many times, because they do not understand the matter caused by the failure of the nature of our work is equivalent to doing fire education for enterprises, Prevent them from happening before the market is put on the market by substandard cosmetic products. Our work will not necessarily be recognized by all, but someone has to do it, but also to do more in-depth, more detailed, must radiate cosmetics industry, in the downstream areas. "In conjunction with the Asia-Pacific Beauty Show," International cosmetics manufacturing has been positioning itself, looking at the development of the industry!

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