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Analysis of plastic bottle manufacturers ' worries about plastic packaging bottles
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Now, technology is changing rapidly. The rapid emergence of a variety of products, express delivery is replaced. such as universal charger, once flooded the market. With the development of the market, especially the mobile phone changes, universal charger quickly eliminated by the market, it is based on these market realities. Many of our plastic bottle industry practitioners have a lot of time to feel the crisis. When plastic bottles will be eliminated, they will be replaced.

This fear is not groundless. First of all, plastic bottles of raw materials from oil, oil is non-renewable resources, there is a dry day, how to find new raw materials to make plastic bottles, otherwise it will not continue to develop. Secondly, the risk of the policy, plastic bags because of white pollution, and is "prohibited plastic ban" to stop the use. Plastic bottles are also contaminated and are therefore at risk of policy.