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China Cosmetics Packaging Market Favorite
- Sep 01, 2017 -

The older generation of consumers are aware of the 50 's famous "double sister" cosmetics in Shanghai in the last century, that is how many Miss girl's beloved thing. Today, "double sister" again ascended the stage of the big Shanghai, still is the original Oriental beauty. "Double sister" cosmetics or as before, the application of charming beautiful cheongsam girls as packaging and signs, with incomparable fine elegant bottle body, let a person fondle admiringly, nostalgic feeling. In maintaining the original style at the same time, double sister also integrated into the current international high-end cosmetic production technology and formula, old bottle new wine, to meet the needs of different consumers. Double sister brand in the promotion details of excellence, all the details are added to the Oriental elements. For example, a piece of the smallest soap, are carrying a unique design, in the soap box we can see the names and descriptions of traditional characters, as well as the beautiful retro-pattern. Open the lid smell smell, even taste is similar to the former.

Not only the two sister thought of the retro packaging, the reporter also found that the Hundred years old Kong Fengchun in Hangzhou is still the same as the ancient Chinese wind. Kong Fengchun's packaging on the ancient Chinese-handed embroidered drawings, but also the use of flowing with the name of the product written in calligraphy. Kong Fengchun Cosmetics in a Lotus series, packaging is more exquisite as if a work of art, between the merchants used a beautiful porcelain bottle, the line soft sliding feeling, but also foil the ancient Chinese pattern decoration, color Qingli moving, really like through the space-time tunnel, back to the past.

A number of emerging national brands in order to get rid of the past the same packaging, highlighting their own characteristics, have adopted the Chinese style of propaganda packaging. The packaging of these Chinese wind, let us in the Chinese cosmetic market has not

With a lattice of taste.