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Cosmetic bottles are all sorts of ingredients that cause acne
- Sep 01, 2017 -

I. Alcohol

This is one of our more familiar ingredients, a lot of people in the choice of skin care products will be conscious of the selection of those who do not contain alcohol, but in fact, there are some concealer in the bottom makeup will also contain alcohol. For oily skin, this kind of bottom makeup will clog pores, acne will take the opportunity to appear.

Bismuth chlorate

This chemical composition is more unfamiliar to us, it is used in high light products, because the fine particles also with flash, so the general with the lifting function of the bottom makeup and high light pen will use this ingredient. But if you have acne, do not use, because bismuth chlorate will aggravate acne, make acne difficult to heal.

III. Quartz, Mica

A lot of foundation liquid, powder cake will have these two kinds of substances, they will stimulate acne, so in the best use when acne. If itself is Blain blain muscle, choose foundation when need to pay more attention to the product ingredient, lest skin more and more redness, Blain Blain also more and more serious.

IV. Synthetic Fragrance Agent

If your makeup smells unusual, be extra careful. General skin care products will add some artificial fragrance, but the regular brand will control the dosage within the standard range, will not affect the skin. But some of the products smell smelling, is the artificial flavor added too much. If it is a person who loves acne, it is best to choose a product without fragrance.

V. Silicone resin

Some makeup before the milk will add this ingredient, after using the skin slippery, but also can hide pores, deeply makeup sister's favorite. Silicon itself will increase the burden of skin, but also plug pores, so the people who have acne is best not.