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Development of personalized customized market for plastic bottle packaging
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Last year, a lot of well-known wine companies have proposed personalized custom liquor business. This also indirectly promoted the customization of wine bottle packaging. However, from the packaging market analysis, we believe that the plastic bottle market to personalized customization is inevitable, this trend will become more and more obvious. Personalized plastic bottle packaging will be more respected by the market.

To achieve personalized plastic bottle production, for the custom of the assembly line, large-scale production of plastic bottle manufacturers, this is obviously not an easy thing.

First, this requires improvements in the plastic bottle production equipment. From the bottle blowing machine to the mold, the current equipment is to adapt to large-scale production, to achieve personalized plastic bottle customization production, it is obvious that the transformation of the equipment occupies a large part, only the follow-up equipment, can realize personalized custom plastic bottle cost control, but also the real marketization.

Second, personalized custom plastic bottles need to be manufacturers in personnel training and design improvements. It puts forward a higher requirement for the packaging design ability of the plastic bottle, and can present the products according to the customer's demand. Finally, personalized custom plastic bottles also need to be changed in terms of sales. Need more to listen to the user's needs, the user's interaction in the implementation of plastic bottle packaging sales.