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The different secrets of the same cosmetics packaging
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Also in the regular shopping malls to buy the same product, from the packaging box to the container but many different. Recently, in the consumer's query, Beijing Business News reporter in the Han Guang department store (formerly Friends Department store) and Zhuangsheng Sogo Department store to buy the same imported skin care products to find, the two indeed different. Professionals said that because of the different batches, production places, the same authentic will also be a difference.

Consumer: Different packaging products?

A few days ago, the consumer of Chen Xicheng District, who lives in Beijing, reported that she had purchased Koreni Shea butter in different shopping malls. In the consumer provides two eye cream, buys in the Han Guang department store a net content is "14ml", buys in Zhuangsheng Sogo department store's mark is "14g", in the inside Packing one section has the handle and the other one is not. In addition, the two items of the outer packaging letter spacing, typesetting, ink color and the location of the inkjet code are different.

In this respect, Beijing business News reporter visited a number of shopping malls Koreni brand counters. Among them, in the Zhuangsheng Sogo department store, shopping guide to Beijing newspaper reporter show the trial product and sales spot packaging There is a big difference, including a "moisturizing" two words, both marked the ingredients also have access.

Ms. Chen told the Beijing Business newspaper that she had previously purchased the product on the Internet platform, because the packaging and their use of different, has always thought that the net shopping is imitation products, but this time found even for the special counters, packaging on the difference is so big, "packaging is not unified, consumers in the end how to determine the true and false"?

Merchant: The product batch, the origin has the difference

In Beijing, the reporter visited the process, the brand counter sales staff explained that, "due to the product batch, the origin is different, manufacturers in the absence of notification consumers changed the outer packaging, resulting in a period of time two packaging at the same time, but are authentic." And for the sale of goods in the network channel, there is a shopping guide said that the brand dealers, do not know whether there is a power platform to obtain the dealer support or formal authorization.