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The importance of plastic packaging and plastic bottle production
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Now, the market some drinks, glass water and other plastic bottle packaging, some small enterprises in order to save costs, there has been a thin plastic bottle approach, and strongly compress the production cost of plastic bottles.

In fact, there are two problems with this approach:

The first is the plastic bottle grip will be very bad, the use of experience is very poor, such a user experience, no matter how the product itself, will ultimately affect the consumer experience. To know that the packaging itself is not separated from the packaging, but a whole.

Second, now any product in the market is shaping the brand. Brand can not be separated from packaging, after being excessively compressed cost, the appearance of plastic bottle packaging is difficult to compete with other products of plastic bottle outer packaging.

In the production and sales of plastic bottles, we often encounter a class of buyers, they are very strict in the cost of plastic bottle packaging procurement requirements. The price will be very low, which leads to the production of plastic bottles are often thin and soft, the loss of plastic bottle packaging itself must reach the parameters, which makes the use of plastic bottles uncomfortable, such plastic bottle packaging is obviously very detrimental to brand promotion.