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What are the advantages of polyester bottles?
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Polyester (polyester) is a generic term for thermoplastic saturated polyesters represented by pet, including PBT, PEN, PCT and their copolymers. Among them, pet is the development of the earliest, the largest production, the most widely used polyester products. In the packaging industry, especially in the development of packaging containers, polyester is now more than 20 of the pet used in packaging materials, and showed a trend of rising year-on-year. Packaging has become the second largest user of pet, after synthetic fiber.

Since PET can be easily cooled by means of rapid cooling method, the basic in amorphous state, high transparent, easy to stretch pet products, so as packaging materials, pet can be made into two-way tensile packaging film, but also by the amorphous preform to obtain high-strength, high transparent tensile blow molding bottles, can also be directly extruded or blown into a non-extruded hollow container. PET film has transparent, oil-resistant, Paushan, hygienic and reliable and wide range of use of temperature (high-temperature cooking and refrigeration packaging can be), but the thermal closure of the poor, must be combined with other films (Thermal seal layer), and the price is higher than the general plastic film, limiting the application of pet films in packaging. Pet Hollow container, especially the tensile blow molding bottle, give full play to the performance of pet, the content has a good display effect, and low cost. As a result, pet packaging materials are basically the use of tensile blow molding, which is used most of the small bottles under 2 L.

PET Bottle with its superior performance, low cost and adaptability to environmental protection, in and other packaging materials (glass, tinplate, PE, PVC, etc.) in the competition has been rapidly developed, but its heat resistance, poor gas resistance, limiting his hot filling and demand for high air tightness of the application, and arouse people attach great importance. In the process of improving and improving its performance, the polyester packaging has gained a new development. One is to improve heat resistance. Ordinary PET bottles can not be used for fruit juices, tea and other hot filling items packaging, at present, through research has developed 3 kinds of practical heat-resistant polyester bottle: Hot stereotypes bottles, can reach 85 ℃ filling requirements; Pet/pen Alloy bottle, PEN heat resistance, in the ordinary injection-pull blowing equipment can be produced in accordance with 80 ℃ above the hot filling requirements of the bottle, if the heat treatment, hot filling temperature of up to 90 ℃, and heat-resistant poly-aromatic ester made of multi-layer composite bottles, to improve heat resistance.