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Cosmetics Network To Buy And Lift Cross-border Heat Risk Is Not Small Need To Be Cautious
- Sep 01, 2017 -

"Stay at home, buy all over the world" is now a true portrayal of consumer online shopping. With the continuous open development of online shopping platform, daily net shopping consumption is crossing national boundaries and upgrading to cross-border consumption. Many consumers through the Internet to search, purchase and pay for overseas goods, through international logistics to transport goods to the country. American Makeup products become a Cross-border shopping frenzy of buying goods, data show that skin care beauty, baby food, clothing, health products, electronic products, 5 categories of consumer goods is the most sales.

Cross-border consumption is I registered overseas accounts through the Internet, search overseas goods, electronic orders issued shopping requests, fill in private credit card numbers, waiting for overseas shopping sites through express or transshipment company shipments, domestic receipts and a series of processes for foreign merchandise shopping. Its process and in Mivi famous, poly beauty products and other cosmetics sites to buy cosmetics process related to few.

With the domestic cosmetic problem frequency, "cross-border" undoubtedly become the new trend of cosmetics net purchase. Combined with its quality and international standards, it has received a lot of attention from online shopping groups. In fact, cosmetics cross-border shopping is far from looking so good, it still has a lot of risk.

It is reported that most of the overseas shopping sites do not support cross-border distribution, and the consumer must use the trans-shipment company's service, after the website orders, the commodity must send to the local transshipment company first and then sends back to the territory, this process is relatively complicated, the distribution information can not be in time to keep the consumer in the shape of the passive waiting and embarrassing situation.