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PETG Cosmetic Bottle
- Sep 01, 2017 -

PETG has glass-like transparency and near-glass density, good gloss, chemical corrosion resistance, impact resistance and easy processing, injection molding, injection-pull blow molding and extrusion. Also can produce unique shape, appearance and special effects, such as bright colors, scrub, marble texture, metallic luster. It is also possible to use other polyester, elastic plastic or ABS for overlapping injection molding.

Products have perfume bottles and caps, cosmetics bottles and caps, lipstick tubes, cosmetic boxes, deodorant packaging, powder bottles and eyeliner pen and so on. PETG injection products include medical devices such as filters, Eustachian, pipe fittings, pumps, clamps, and dialysis equipment. Household utensils such as cups, salad bowls, salt cans, pepper cans, etc., with excellent transparency, gloss, good toughness, processing and excellent coloring.