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Why Do Almost All Plastic Bottles Have Concave Bottoms?
- Sep 01, 2017 -

⑴ bottle-making process is simple-because the bottom of the bottle in the five-angle concave, making the blowing more simple (the specific reason is that Coca-Cola Company's trade secrets, we have no way to know).

⑵ material Savings-if made flat bottom, because to withstand the pressure of the liquid, the bottom must be thickened, resulting in material waste. The use of concave, on the surface is a waste of material, but in fact, because of the five of the average share of the liquid pressure, you can make the bottom thinner, instead of saving material.

⑶ increases the strength of the bottom of the bottle-the five-angle concave type design, so that it can reduce the degree of damage by moderate deformation.